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Welcome – First Post!

Welcome to Winnetka Heights’ new website and, specifically, my blog. I look forward to using this little corner of the site to highlight issues of interest.

Life in America presents Christians with endless opportunities to see the world through the lens of Scripture. Regrettably, most of us compartmentalize our lives, leaving religion safely tucked away at church. We don’t allow the light of biblical truth to illumine every aspect of our existence. What a distorted view of life!

God created the heavens and the earth and every living creature. As such, He is intimately interested in every life as well as sovereign over every square inch of real estate. His interest and dominion do not stop at the church door, nor does Jesus’ call to follow Him end at the church parking lot. When Jesus commanded, “Go,” He meant to the utter ends of the earth. “Go” meant taking the gospel, and, along the way, engaging the world as “salt and light” Christians.

In short, Christ would have us see the world through the lens of Scripture. We carry a biblical worldview wherever we go. This “Kingdom of God sight” shapes how we view politics, careers, leisure time, finances, possessions, ethical issues facing society,…everything. We adjust our individual lives to the Bible’s teachings, and we formulate informed beliefs on cultural issues of the day.

For instance, I am sometimes shocked by church members’ opinions on the abortion debate. Two things trouble me: one, many people don’t see that God’s commandment, “You shall not murder” (Exod. 20:13) applies to killing unborn babies (a sure sign of biblical ignorance); and, two, many who believe abortion is wrong in God’s eyes don’t feel compelled to voice their opinion in the public square. Worse, they don’t feel called to do so. In essence, they fail to see life through the lens of Scripture. They resist allowing the Bible to shape their opinions and actions.

Today’s cultural power brokers have capitalized upon the church’s failure to be engaged, “salt and light” Christians. They have successfully pushed the church to the fringes of relevance, rendering it mostly irrelevant when it comes to topics of politics, ethics, and culture.

Let’s stop this misinformed thinking in the church! Let’s get serious about reading the Bible personally, contemplating its message, and then adjusting our everyday lives accordingly. Let’s heed Jesus’ “Go” command, taking the gospel and the truth into the world. Why, in the words of the children’s song, would we hide our light under a bushel?…Oh, no!

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